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 Our Mission

PDG has professionally served the Central Texas area for over 40 years, with excellence in engineering design and consultation. Our passion is a dedication to detail and to representing our clients' best interests. Our staff collectively has over 80 years of experience in commercial and residential design and inspection services. We have worked in all the cities and counties in Austin and the Central Texas area, and are knowledgeable with the city and county rules, regulations, and personnel. We look forward to helping your with your next engineering endeavor.

R e l a t i o n s h i p s
PDG works closely with professional architects such as Cantegra, Place Designers, Lindsay Shillington, Cornerstone, Ryan Weekly, Blue Horse Building & Design, Matthew Maconnell, Davey McEathron and others, to help create the structurally sound home of your dreams.
We also work closely with soils companies to determine the structural details required for your home and land.
S p e c i a l i z e d  S e r v i c e s


As well as commercial and residential designs and inspections, PDG also offers GeoTech Engineering for soils, Water Tap Plans, Res Checks and Com Checks for energy compliance. Please contact us for additional information.




MEP Geotech & Tap Plans
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