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PDG provides foundation design services for the best custom builders in Central Texas, such as Eppright Homes, Jody Jones, Pecan Valley/Dimanoff, Butterfield, Jim Cramer, Chris Elder, Donavan Paul, Ironwood Group, Grand Endeavor, Novak Brothers, Camp Construction, Robillard, Quality Pools, Staycation Pools, Quality Decks and Austin Decks.  Approximately half of our consult and designs are for builders with a volume of 10 to 50 homes per year, as well as individual owners building their own homes. PDG has designed over 30,000 single family foundations on the ground throughout Central Texas.
No matter the size, quantity or site details, PDG will provide a quality foundation, tailored to the building site and your needs. PDG produces  single family foundation designs that are compatible with a wide variety of terrains and soil conditions.
Throughout our engineering history we have worked in every area of Central Texas, including the rocky hill country to the clayey areas of Williamson, Travis, Bastrop, and Caldwell Counties. We once even designed a bridge for the construction crew to access, before the builder could get the materials and concrete pumpers to the site to build the house. 

PDG offers experienced structural engineering design expertise, as well as excellent customer service, with same day responses to your inquiries. We serve builders with high volume tracts, small volume custom builders and land/home owners, who are looking to create the home of their dreams.


We take your goals seriously, and will do everything possible to reach those goals.

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