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MEP Design

When Royal Vista Dental Clinic in Round rock needed to expand it's facility on Royal Vista Drive, it turned to Professional Design Group to provide full mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services for the project. PDG was instrumental in helping to bring the project in under budget and on time, so that minimal work time was lost during the permitting and construction of the expansion.

MEP Design

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Maccollough Contracting chose PDG when they needed cost effective mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services for the permitting and design of their Domino's Pizza store in Cedar Park.

MEP Design

The Developers of Terra Colinas Subdivision wanted the best product possible for the ammenity center for their subdivision, so they turned to PDG to provide MEP engineering services,.

Water Tap Plan

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6205 Cape Coral.jpg

PDG has prepared TAP plans for many builders in the City of Austin. We work with the City to complete the approval process and provide an approved TAP plan


PDG assists builders with Geo-technical plans when soils reports are required for slabs and foundation designs.  Our engineers coordinate the boring tests and analyze the results to provide expertise for designing a stable foundation with the soils in that area.

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